Fixed Wireless Services

Bluebird’s fixed wireless service is dedicated, high bandwidth internet connectivity that is perfectly suited to today’s business operations.

Fixed wireless is a balanced connection that uploads at the same speed as it downloads giving you seamless connectivity to your cloud based applications.  Our state-of-the-art network can offer speeds up to 40 Mb x 40 Mb at a substantial savings over other carrier grade services.

If you’ve outgrown consumer-grade cable or DSL services and need a true commercial class internet service, fixed wireless can deliver everything
you need.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet or MetroE is a fiber optic service that delivers highly reliable bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps

It is suitable for businesses that depend on their internet for critical applications such as:

  • Cloud based applications
  • Voice over IP telephones
  • Video conferencing
  • Multi location, shared applications
  • Disaster recovery – backup routines
  • Remote access
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Server hosting – ecommerce

If your business depends on the internet, there is no more reliable connection available.  Bluebird can also configure a fail safe backup that will seamlessly assure that you are never down in the rare event that the MetroE service experiences an outage.

Unlike other carriers, there are no upfront build out costs with Bluebird MetroE.  Call today for a quote @ 318-918-1214.

Bluebird Multi-Path

Bluebird Multipath uses advanced routing technologies to provide seamless failover and aggregation of multiple Internet connections to maximize network up-time. Using cloud based monitoring systems and reliable customer premises routers, Bluebird provides real time monitoring and management of multiple Internet connections. If one connection goes down, traffic is automatically shifted, allowing you to conduct business as usual.

High Speed Business Internet
Fiber Optic Connectivity

With Fiber Optic Services your business receives a reliable Internet connection with the highest level of service in the industry. Bluebird’s dedicated Internet service will power your business Internet network with a solid 1.5 MB upload/download connection. Our technical staff will work with your network support staff to configure and install your  connection and router in a timely and professional manner. Plus, we offer professional technical support to all of our customers, ensuring you have help when you need it.  Bluebird’s Fiber Optic Services are the best choice for businesses needing a dedicated connection to power their networks. Ask us about our other business services including, disaster recovery, data center solutions, managed servers and colocation.

*Contact Bluebird sales at 318.908.2583 for your free quote.