Microsoft Edge is the New Browser for Windows 10

If you have owned a computer within the last 20 years, you most likely have used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at some point.

Over the years many serious bugs have plagued Internet Explorer. Which has deterred many users who wish to stay safe while browsing. Consumers have gone towards new options such as Google Chrome that now has a market share of about 43%, while Internet Explorer is crawling in around 11%.

It is no surprise to hear that Microsoft has decided to discontinue Internet Explorer. Which marks the end of that little blue “e” in your start menu. It has been confirmed that Internet Explorer will not be part of the new Windows 10 update.

This doesn’t mean Internet Explorer will stop working as your current browser, but it would be wise to check into other options. If you decide to go with a newer generation browser such as Google Chrome, it will walk you through importing all of your bookmarks, and other browser settings you made for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has now launched a new browser known as “Microsoft Edge” that is available on the new Windows 10. It is a nice change of pass from the original “exploration” that Microsoft started on.

With new age features, and the well needed security settings “Microsoft Edge” should easily surpass its two decade old predecessor.

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