Web Browsers and the Internet

A Web browser is your gateway to the Internet and all it has to offer. Unfortunately, while you’re surfing, hackers are constantly trying to get information and access systems for whatever reason. Sometimes it is for monetary gain, or to have a system they can log into for other hacking attempts, or even to prove to themselves they can do it. Hackers are always looking for flaws in your security namely your browser so they can snoop through your system; steal your identity, or worse.

Browser developers are constantly updating their software and patching vulnerabilities. It is recommended that you always surf with an up to date browser. Many have features that automatically download updates and patches. Enabling this functionality makes one less thing you have to worry about.

All popular operating systems come packaged with built in browsers. Internet explorer for Windows based systems and Safari for Mac users. However, these aren’t your only options.

There are several other browsers freely available on the web. Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are probably the two most popular alternatives. If you look over the shoulder of more experienced computer users you are likely to see one of these browsers in use. The reasoning for using these browsers is as personal as the type of soft drink that person prefers. However, the most common reasoning is that those browsers are constantly updated and adhere to web browser standards more closely than the browsers offered by the big operating system developers. Many times, features are available on Firefox and Chrome many months before other options.

If you have always used the browser that came with your computer give one of the other options a try. They are time tested and in many cases preferred by more savvy computer users. At the very least, your friends may think of you as a savvy user when they see you using a non-factory browser.

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