Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is a form of high speed (or broadband) internet access, which uses a radio frequency instead of phone or cable lines.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is a fixed wireless antenna and a wireless router (both provided by Bluebird Wireless), and a computer or other device with Ethernet or WiFi capability.

How fast is this internet connection?

Bluebird’s basic residential plans start at 512k, which is about 10 times faster than dial-up, in Texas, and 1M, which is 18 times faster than dial-up, in Louisiana. Our wireless connections are capable of providing speeds up to 10M, which is 300 times faster than dial-up.

Is that the download or upload speed?

Actually, the speed listed on your plan is both the download & upload speed. Unlike other ISP’s, Bluebird provides a symmetrical connection, where your upload speed is just as fast as your download speed.

Why does my upload speed matter?

Your upload speed is how fast your computer can send information to the internet. The faster you can send your request for a webpage, the faster it will start to load. During online gaming, your device sends continuous messages to the game server to keep your session active. High upload speed prevents lag and the dreaded link-death.

Is Wireless Internet the same as Satellite Internet?

No, there are a few key differences between Wireless and Satellite internet service. With Satellite Internet, the signal travels all the way to the satellite and back down to access the provider’s core network.  The long distance between your dish and the satellite can cause long lag times and leave your service vulnerable to disruption by weather.  Bluebird Wireless Internet only requires a signal to travel from your antenna to our tower (usually within 5 miles of your location), which connects to our core network.  Less distance to travel means less lag time, and earth-bound towers are not affected by most weather conditions.

Is your service the same as cable or DSL?

No. Cable Internet relies on cable lines and a cable modem to get a signal, DSL relies on phone lines and a DSL modem. Wireless service does not use any physical wires to get a signal, so you don’t need a phone line or a cable connection to get the service.

Is your internet access unlimited?

Bluebird Wireless Internet is absolutely unlimited! You can browse as many websites, download as many pictures, or stream as many songs as you like – all day, every day.

Will I have to learn anything new to use your service?

If you can use a web browser, you can use Bluebird Wireless. Your internet connection is constant, so all you have to do is click your browser icon and enjoy!

Can I use a VPN with your service?

Yes, our Wireless Internet is fully compatible with VPN clients. If you use a VPN, we will provide you with the information about your connection that your VPN administrator will need to get you connected, and you’ll be able to work from home.

Will I get an email address with my Bluebird Wireless service?

If you like, Bluebird can provide you with an email address. This is optional; you can keep any email address you currently have, whether provider-based (,, etc.) or web-based (,, etc.). There is no extra charge for a address.

Is Bluebird Wireless Internet secure?

We guarantee the security of our wireless and IP network, and we set up each customer connection with password security to prevent unwanted devices from using the service you are paying for. However, Bluebird does not guarantee the security of your computers or devices. We recommend that everyone use firewall software as well as anti-virus and anti-malware programs to protect their machines.

Can I use Netflix, On Demand, or other streaming services with Bluebird Wireless Internet?

The best way to answer that is to check the speed requirements for the streaming service. In general, Bluebird Wireless Internet is compatible with streaming video and audio, but because speed requirements vary, we do not guarantee Netflix or any other streaming service.

How long does it take to get service?

Once we know that a strong signal is available at your address, Bluebird can usually install Wireless Internet within 72 hours.

What do I do if I have problems with my Bluebird Wireless Internet?

If you have any problems with your service, please call Tech Support at 318-908-1000 or 888-501-2583.  We will resolve your issue from our office if possible, or schedule a service call if needed.  Bluebird does not charge for service calls to repair the equipment we provide.  We want your service working just as much as you do!