Open Internet Compliance Orders

Bluebird Broadband’s Open Internet Statement

Bluebird believes in Open Internet. Bluebird does not block any legal content, applications, or the use of any lawful devices, or discriminate in the transmission of any lawful network traffic in any way accept to manage our network effectively for the benefit of our customers and to prevent network congestion and disruption, or to prevent illegal activity.

Bluebird Acceptable Use Policy

Bluebird Broadband – Privacy Policy

Bluebird Broadband CPNI Statement

Service Plans / Congestion Management

Bluebird offers a variety of plans with varying speeds and modes of delivery. All service plans have the same priority in access to the bandwidth available. Bandwidth is always a limited resource and Bluebird will, in order to ensure the best customer experience, manage the network to ensure that under congested conditions all subscribers receive a fair share of the service. Speeds cannot be guaranteed, but Bluebird makes every effort to provide the maximum speed listed for each plan but without purchasing an expensive, “dedicated connection” no internet provider can guarantee maximum speeds at all times.

Network Management Practices

Bluebird’s goal is to provide the best operating speeds possible. It is important that Bluebird manages our network to facilitate the best use and enjoyment of the network to all our customers. Bluebird employs industry-standard network management practices to prevent malicious or unlawful activity and described in our Acceptable Use Policy found here.

All lawful internet activity is handled identically, but Bluebird reserves the right, in accordance with applicable laws, to use reasonable network management practices to prevent harmful or illegal activity, and ensure the best speeds and experience for a valued customers.

Device Attachment Rules

Any lawful device may be connected to the service as long as it is not intend to, or otherwise causes harmful or illegal activity or activities prohibited by our Acceptable Use Policy.


Network Security

Bluebird uses industry standard tools and techniques to protect it’s network and subscribers from harmful internet traffic. The nature of these external threats is constantly changing and evolving and Bluebird’s security practices regularly change and adapt to meet the threat and protect our customers to the best of our ability. These practices should not generally effect the customers experience, but in severe cases, the network performance could be impacted.

Application-Specific Behavior

Bluebird does not restrict access to any lawful content, applications, or services on the internet. We do not block or favor the usage of certain applications or classes of applications. Applications, however, that continue execution on the system upon customer logout, or result in the excessive use of network resources may require the implementation of network management practices as described above.

Our Goal

All of the policies and practices in our Open Internet policy are designed to deliver the best possible customer experience and to comply with all laws governing our delivery of the service. Bluebird’s policy demonstrates our commitment to providing the best internet services at affordable prices to all of our valued customers.